Monday, March 21, 2016

The official announcement from Tesla Motors about Buying a Model III

Tesla Motors just tweeted this update to their blog. I can see a few pieces of new information there:

So it looks like the deposit to reserve a Model III is not $1000 USD but $1000 in your own currency, approximated by how your country's numerical currency system. They have a link there to see what the specific deposit is in your country's currency. Knowing how much higher the exchange rate is for the (Euro) and the £ (British pound), those deposits look substantially higher than those in North America.

So instead of going with an all-inclusive waiting list, the lists will be divided by regions. This makes sense to save on shipping costs. It's much easier to ship a lot of cars to one location than it is to ship them out piece by piece to separate addresses all over the world. They will start with the western-most part of North America and move East. Afterwards, it's the countries with right-hand driving systems. Hm, so if I live in Vancouver, Canada, that's technically the west coast of North America, which puts me closer to the front of the line. *insert grin here*

However, it appears that they will deliver the first Model IIIs to Tesla owners in each region first before they get to the new Tesla hopefuls.

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