Friday, August 11, 2017

Model 3 First Offering Specs

The first Tesla Model 3's rolled off their lot last Friday. Ecstatic Tesla and SpaceX employees walked over to their new Model 3 charging at the on-site supercharger at the Fremont Factory.

Shortly after, I was on my Tesla Model 3 Facebook Group, and the first screenshots of the configurator showed up from those who were next in line to order their Model 3. For the next few days, my Facebook notifications went haywire with new posts -- people posting to ask advice on colour choices, and others posting asking all the questions we've had for the last 16 months about the Model 3.

Elon Musk warned us at the last annual Tesla shareholder's meeting that he first Model 3's released will have very little versatility in configuration choices. In his words, "You'll get to choose the colour and wheel size -- and that's about it." So it should be no surprise that Tesla Motors made decisions about which version of the Model 3 to offer first -- and it would not be the $35K base model. That just wouldn't make the splash they want.

Basically your options are these:

For the whole run down of specs, take a look at the Press Kit on Tesla's webpage. It includes the expected price for any added features. I'll make a separate post to outline the key offerings that I find interesting.

To my fellow Model 3 Reservation Holders, how are you holding up?  Excited?

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