Friday, August 4, 2017

Would you rent out your Tesla Model 3?

I'm thinking about renting out my new Tesla Model 3! Am I crazy?

There's no mystery in owning a new gasoline car. Gas station trips and car maintenance are all same regardless of what car I buy. But EVs require a different mindset. Easier or more cumbersome depends on each person. If you have a house and are willing to install a charger at home, it's probably great. If you don't, then the decision gets more complicated.

So when I think about someone just at the beginning of their EV exploration and wondering how they will manage, I wonder if actually using one for a week would be a much better approach to overcoming the myths of EV ownership, like range anxiety or charging times -- key issues that make switching to an EV a mystery. After all, I did a test run in a Model S, and as sweet as it was to feel regenerative braking and self-parking, it was far from a real experience. Issues like regular charging can't be experienced until you have one for yourself.

I am a first-day Model 3 registration holder living on the west coast of Canada. So I'm hoping that I'll be a handful of the first Model 3 owners in my city. And with the news of the Model 3 quickly spreading and garnering interest, presenting the opportunity to rent my Model 3 for a week may give someone a clearer sense of the daily life adjustments needed when you own an EV.

And of course, now that I see the real cost of the Model 3 (not that I'm surprised, but it's a little more jarring when you see the number in print), renting out may be the financial help I'm needing.


1. Opportunities to engage in discussion about my personal experience as an EV owner.
2. Extra income to help pay off my EV purchase.
3. Tesla will create the fanfare needed to make people notice the Model 3. I just need to piggy-back           my marketing off of theirs!
4. A system is in place already if I use Turo.


1. The risk of abuse by someone using my precious new Model 3!
2. Risk of a major "write-off" accident. Thanks to the long list of reservation holders, I wouldn't be           able to replace it for a long, long time.
3. Paying higher insurance premiums for third-party rental coverage (Turo doesn't extend coverage to       Canadians. lame.).

The question is, WOULD YOU DO IT?

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